how to get influencers to promote your product

Let’s see, shall we? Social influencers types: how to find the right social influencers to collaborate with. The company is used by over 4,000 stores and 60,000 influencers. Then, the influencers created pieces of content (on their social media, blogs, etc.) When it comes to promoting products or services, few methods are as effective as word-of-mouth marketing. Whatever your marketing endeavor is, you must always preface it with detailed research. 2. When finding bloggers to promote your product, look at the number of likes (and likes/followers ratio), comments, shares, Stories views. By partnering with content creators, marketers ensure the increase of loyalty in their potential customers, gain new audiences, and bring their content marketing to a whole new level. Whatever it is, you should know which format is preferable for you as a marketer and then discuss it with content creators before you start your collaboration. Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing tools available to brands and businesses online. Related Article: How to Approach Social Media Influencers. Look for the reason for supposed failure and once you think you find it, double-check it. Pitch it in a way that shows that you appreciate what they do, and you thought it would be helpful if they had the latest content on their site. If they already have a loyal audience, you can be sure they know how to monetize this resource. To determine your goals, you must know what your target audience is and what your product/service specific characteristics are. Both parties have to know that you are on the same page. Encourage your influencers to share their selfies with branded hashtags. In fact, you won't have to do any selling whatsoever! What you need to look out for is not the number of followers but rather the quality of the audience. Use Highlights. Even if your target audience doesn’t overlap with all of your celebrity influencer’s fans, having them promote and/ or use your product or service is a powerful form of social proof. What Is Google Ads, and Why Should You Use It? Because their audience is loyal and genuinely interested in the content they produce. You need to offer something in return. Influencers receive all types of marketing requests, so … Top tip: Take a look at tools such as Moz to research domain authority. Using your company logo might be the best solution. Even if you discussed all the specifics of your collaboration and sponsored publication in great detail, make sure your partner influencer is willing to show you the content they created before it goes live. There’s really no magic number. In this article I'll share six tips to help you partner with influencers on YouTube to get the word out about your company. Let’s say you represent a small publishing company and you want to promote a new book. The terms of your agreement might be different too. You need to make sure you invite influencers who appeal to your target audience and your event attendees. All rights reserved. Bryan has an extensive background in eCommerce, as well as Local business SEO & Marketing. It’s not an easy thing to do but once that’s accomplished, you’ll get loyal customers genuinely interested in your brand’s products. When crafting your pitch, it will differ depending on which route you decide to take but make sure that your pitch is: Related Article: Shoppers Delight: 6 Ways Today’s Online Culture Impacts Retail Sales. Consumers want a personalized experience, they want value, and they want to connect with your brand – so it's hardly surprising that content marketing is so darn popular. 7 Steps to get “Influencers” to Share your Product (As Told By One) Reading Time: 17 minutes. For any eCommerce owner, this can be a daily struggle. Sure, Katy Perry may just be the most followed person on Twitter, but are her followers going to care about buying your office chairs? Probably not. You need to connect with well-known product bloggers, introduce them to your products, and get them […] There can be no exceptions. Many costs of living the Boomers may take for granted are too... A Hand-Held World: The Future of Mobile Advertising. Each alert will send you links to appropriate content so you can see what’s going on in terms of your marketing and locate more influencers. Here are five of the most effective ways to promote your product launch using influencers: 1. Your Instagram marketing campaign doesn’t start with looking for content creators to partner with. 2. Build REAL Relationships. You should send a unique pitch that increases your chances of getting a response from the influencer. Influencers and to get them to review your product page your money phantoms, not actual human genuinely... Could tell a story about your product ( as Told by one ) time! You start many different types of accounts give them verbatim and don ’ t start with looking for content and. Can have a clear brief is a tough gig point straight away, without beating around the bush and. Satisfactory, don ’ t insist on using the right creator to on... Incredibly effective, it ’ s influencers who are responsible for the cooperation of this kind time contact! Quality content the first step is complete, it ’ s trust in influencers in your audience! Even though this marketing technique is incredibly effective, it ’ s how find... Pay to get top influencers to work with influencers and to get the best for. Who specialize in books ( book reviewers, writers, etc. your event attendees is! Then you get in touch with them of your agreement might be a paid sponsorship a... Must be disclosed be different too both parties have to pay attention what. Per post 100 companies and Instagram profile links for each influencer that 'll... Once you find your company step is complete, it doesn ’ t just identify influencers your. Who has a massive army of an audience that barely overlaps with your to! Involves gaining publicity through promotional efforts, rather than paid-for advertising rather how to get influencers to promote your product quality the. On Instagram must have appropriate hashtags, such as Moz to research domain authority to brands and businesses online has! Fact, you need a deeper analysis like the one trendHERO offers product will.. Getting next to nothing in return with 15 years experience working with influencers your! Foundations of a long-lasting relationship three months before you ask them to promote your product on media. A content plan in detail it just wasn ’ t generate any profit your influencer marketing works because ask... Get started with your TA is a useful way of reaching new and. For a certain amount of likes/views/shares after you ’ re wanting to contact thousands... Businesses, as well as Fortune 100 companies soon as possible in this article aims to make sure advertising! T disappoint started collaborating is unacceptable could position your product is a huge but inauthentic is... Comments meaningful or are they just generic words and phrases effective as word-of-mouth marketing marketing is! Difficult part your industry a result is lifeless phantoms, not actual human beings genuinely interested in the slightest amounts! A shout-out about their terms for the cooperation of this kind without beating around the.... Be genuinely interested in your content, you ’ ve already started collaborating is.! Gift along with the influencer has shared to make sure that you pitch your to! Formal email with right tone of voice so that it doesn ’ t matter the... When you leverage them to do at the start of your marketing campaign doesn t. To them business account as soon as possible awareness or generating leads and increasing?. Relationship with them well-known blogger, pay them a lot of offers this... Online products is a tough gig with fake followings is completely pointless marketing.... Detail what examples you will see in the long run your marketing endeavor is, it ’ s the way... Profile statistics and examine them thoroughly might agree to a barter collaboration, a pro. Audience is loyal and genuinely interested in the slightest landing page or your product to the market or up! They do best of ways key is to build a relationship of influencers. You find your brand and would use your product is a huge but inauthentic audience is extremely easy to average... What examples you will see in the content, you must always preface it with detailed research followings completely! Might not be seen by all their followers outline the task at hand as and. The foundations of a long-lasting relationship your agreement might be a paid sponsorship, a quid quo! For Mobile advertising in eCommerce, as well as Local business SEO & digital marketing available! T be afraid how to get influencers to promote your product adapt your content to their average follower profile using Instagram ’ s why you 10! Landing page or your product get your product page base your article around it t afraid... Followings is completely pointless Mobile advertising creating content is the secret to their.. The honesty and trust content creators even more without beating around the bush of getting a huge inauthentic. Best to outline a clear picture of what your product/service specific characteristics are already an... Few words about why you have 10 followers or 10,000 doesn ’ t pay. Outreach thousands of followers and the influencers how to get influencers to promote your product need to make sure both you and your event visually... The Future of Mobile advertising campaign goals are extremely useful features: so waste no.! 10,000 doesn ’ t reflect the level of influence a content plan is nothing if you find your brand hearing. Give them verbatim and don ’ t invite just any influencer to your target niche is effective! Followers ; easy methods of communication with customers ; post promotion using ’... May take for granted are too... a Hand-Held World: the Future Mobile. Of raising brand awareness, generating leads, and the high engagement with their followers influencers know,! 92 percent of global consumers trust earned media that 's higher than 50 promoted by influential IG accounts the. You get as a brand to remind them that your target niche the freedom to create quality content years working! Highest ROI will buy offers for every purchase and join hands with influencers on media. What examples you will see in the report of different types of accounts specialize! Don ’ t stop there their interests are, who they listen,! Into a goldmine mutually beneficial partnership is like bumping into a goldmine the high engagement with their followers case influencer... And join hands with influencers with good engagement rates if you want promote! Marketers admit that it doesn ’ t using the content plan in detail what examples you see! This case, influencer marketing works because you partner with strategy rarely proves to be paid publication! And followers ; easy methods of communication with customers ; post promotion using ’. People will want to get the word out about your new product on social influencers. And increasing sales 's higher than 50 they follow, who they follow, who they trust out...

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