how to stretch and frame a cross stitch

Look forward to starting. I have liked it AND pinned it. Explain the sequin pins are shorter than regular pins. I have no idea what they meant by mounted but not framed. Not surprisingly, stitchery and needlework often becomes a family heirloom and doing the job correctly from the beginning will preserve it for future generations. You may even find appropriate frames in thrift stores or yard sales. I recommend matting the cross stitch and framing under glass to keep it clean. This protects the fabric and the lacing from damage and dust. Gently stretch the canvas, pinning every 1/2 inch on the blocking board's grid lines until the canvas has been straightened. We’ve noticed a lot of our customers end up using our frames to display their latest needlepoint project — whether it’s something they made by hand or purchased from a talented artist. These are only temporary, though, as you’ll need some sort of adhesive to hold the excess folds in place permanently. Simply cut the batting about 1/2 inch smaller than the board you are stretching the cross stitch on. Many other techniques including those using mounting boards, aren't archival and may damage your needlework over time. Just picked up some cross stitch again this week, good to read this! I'm looking forward to framing some of my work that is languishing in bins because I wasn't sure how to frame them properly! You'd be surprised how much natural oil clean hands contain. Yes neatness counts when it come to making a beautiful piece of needle art. Keep in mind that our thickness limitations are 1/8″ for our wood frames and 1/4″ for our metal. Then figure how wide a mat you're planning on having and cut your foam board less than that to allow for the mat to overlay the cloth's edges. Since I already told you NOT to use sticky boards for mounting your needlework, I thought I'd best give you an alternative do-it-yourself option. So far I have had no issue with rust BUT this is mostly determined on where they are hung. Center your stitchery on the foam board. See the other post for my response to your question. stretch mounting cross stitch for framing (use foam board and straight pins) Saved by Squidoo. When repositioning or removing the needlework, the adhesive mat pull your stitches loose. Just be sure it’s suitable for cross-stitch and is acid-free. There’s a more in-depth tutorial for doing so on our site, but it’s still important to discuss here, as there are a few things to consider when measuring your cross-stitch. Sticky board is thick cardboard with a high-tack adhesive on one side. Foam board will crease and snap so apply an even pressure. Mona (author) from Iowa on August 20, 2014: @vivienne1943: Sorry for the delayed response on this. Hello I have at last finished a cross stitch of The Last Supper 30" x 16" If I carefully follow your instructions would you recommend this or have it professionally done which is costly? Peggy Hazelwood from Desert Southwest, U.S.A. on September 12, 2012: Wow, I'd never seen cross stitch mounted like this on foam. When finished with the push pins all around. Most frames have a 1/4 inch rabbit depth unless it's a really cheap one from a big box. The core, mat and glass usually fit into "almost" any frame. Framing a cross stitch project can seem daunting, but in this post I’ll be showing you how you can save yourself money and time by learning to stretch and frame cross stitch projects yourself. If the mat board is overstrained, it will pop loose from the foam core board surround sometime later when it's hanging. I plan to share this link with my local framers. I've done some cross stitch pillows before but have not mounted any. I have never mounted my own work for fear of damaging it after spending so long working on it. You want this little extra space unpadded so the matting can lay flat and push the padded cross-stitch up without too much strain on the matting. @anonyme114: Yes I cut the mat myself. This page offers you a fully illustrated step by step on the proper way to stretch mount as well as an all text at a glance version. And I have to tell you, I love the back of that piece so much! I'm assuming that you wouldn't use frames you can just pick up at Walmart. It's a thin board with a tacky adhesive that allows you to mount your needlework just by laying it on top of it. Many come with mats. When I was taping the loose fabric down after pinning and slipping it back into the out foam board piece, I was not sure whether to cut the bulky corners off or not. Thanks for commenting on my lens. I used the pish pins at first but they left a dark "metal" stain on my white aida. :-). It makes creating pages like these worth while. Also, make the incision slightly past the cut lines but not all the way to the edges. I have been framing for 25 years and do it the way I was trained by a museum. This I will have to try but I have one question? Pull out a handful ( 5-10) and begin replacing them with the sequin pins. Work out from the centre in one direction then the other. If you ordered a frame from us, just keep in mind the difference between wood and metal. Framing cross stitch and embroidery projects doesn't need to be difficult. Cross-stitches can certainly be a great thing to frame. It is more time consuming than other waqys but it delivers a beautiful result. Because you usually stretch a cross-stitch over a more solid surface, it might be a good idea to do that before measuring — the numbers you measure after your cross-stitch will represent your “Art Size”. Make sure not to fold the towel and cross-stitch; roll it instead, as you won’t want any creases showing in the final, framed product! I have a bunch of x-stitch pieces that my mom and my wife have made that they want framed. I have found that most sequin pins sold in hobby and craft stores are too long as they are meant for a different application. From there, you’ll want to place it down on a clean, white towel — making sure to get out all the wrinkles and folds. How to Stretch Mount Your Cross Stitch in Preparation for Framing, Step 1 For Stretch Mounting A Cross Stitch: Creating A FoamCore Blank - How To Mark The Foam Board For Cutting.

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